Welcome to Wilcox Engineering

Hello and welcome to my new site!

You’ve probably come because you have an amateur radio receiver or transmitter that needs to be built or serviced. This is the right place! I’ve been building radios ever since the first Heathkits, only now the equipment is smaller and does a lot more.

I’ve been W3DVX ever since the mid-1950s, and it’s become my name. I suppose it looks like a vanity call these days, especially with all the letter combinations that go into new calls.

Have you always wanted an Elecraft? A KX1, K1, K2, whatever?
I primarily build and service the older ones: they’re the ones that need TLC!

See what my clients have said about my construction and service work at

In addition to tuning up your rig, I can also rescue a building project you might have started some time ago.

Alan Wilcox

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