Digital Radio

For years – many years – I’ve used CW and SSB as my modes of choice. Well, in the early days it was AM, and from there SSB; I was one of the few kilowatt 40-meter SSB stations on in the mid-to-late ’50s. That was when TVI was a bit of a problem, except that [read the full article…] aka AABR

Good memories of one special Boxer, Schnitzel, stay with me. My parents brought her home from a kennel up near Seneca Lake when I was about eight or nine. She was great company on walks and out in the country. Typical Boxer: happy, playful, loyal, loving. And she did NOT like porcupines. You’d think, after [read the full article…]

The Library

Maybe it’s just me, or do all engineers have an affinity for books? If I go into a Barnes & Noble, I’m likely to come out with a book or two. Usually something really cool, like programming or maybe about computers. Sometimes I manage to ask myself if I really need the book: then I [read the full article…]